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The Fischer Equine Lameness Foundation

Introduction to the Fischer Equine Lameness Foundation

Sheri Fischer is a registered nurse with a bachelors degree in science and nursing, a certified public health nurse, and who has cared for and shown horses for 30 years.  Distressed by the lack of adequate interest in barefoot treatment for lameness problems in horses, she discovered a natural barefoot trimming method in 2003.  Because of the deficiency of trained barefoot hoofcare professionals in her area, Sheri enrolled and successfully completed a one year training hoofcare course. There are many barefoot schools of thought throughout the world.  One must be wary of any barefoot professional that supports any invasive hoof trimming.  One must use common sense when their horse is being trimmed by a barefoot trimmer or farrier that maintains their horses hooves.  If a horse is comfortable before the trimmer arrives; the horse should be comfortable when they leave.

The Fischer Equine Lameness Foundations focus is education of veterinarians, farriers and all other horse practitioners.  Sheri and her husband Mark, an orthopedic surgeon, fly internationally and present lectures on Wolfs Law of Orthopedics and how this affects the equine distal limb.  Their presentations have been given in Europe and throughout the US.  Recently, Sheri has lectured to the veterinarian students at the University of Minnesota and several veterinarian clinics throughout the US.

The Foundation was started with the help of a fellow Hoof Care Professional, Shelly Fehn. The current main facilities are on the Fischer family horse farm in Independence Minnesota. An associated rehabilitation facility is located near Edgerton Wyoming. This facility is operated by Perri Wheeler (, who owns and operates a commercial cattle ranch, holds an associate degree in agricultural business and also is a barefoot hoofcare professional. All of the horses on the 35,000 acre cattle ranch are barefoot and in full time work rounding up cows, roped off of and worked on rocky rough terrain.


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