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Case Studies

Body conformation

Before Trim

Splint bone    

This photo is of a young horse with very low back due to improper hoof form.  He was taken out of full time training because of crabbiness and splint bone fractures.  This trim addresses not only hoof problems but also body issues.  The hooves affect the body structure, when the hooves are not correct, the body will be affected also.  This horse had extremely high heels which negatively affected his body posture. 

After Trim

His hooves are now correct and comfortable, splint bone fractures are now healed, and his back is much better. The horse is ridden full time and is sound on any terrain. When ridden on the trails, we cover 12 miles in 45 minutes over rough terrain 4-6 times per week. (click on the thumbnails for enlarged view)

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