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Trimming /Clinic Fees

Clinic charges: $2,200.00 per month. The monthly clinic charge includes, feed, trimming and daily exercise .

Veterinary charges, medications and supplements, will be billed directly to the horse owner. Clients out of state will be responsible for transporting the horse to and from the clinic.

Trimming charges: In state clients $150.00 per trim, plus mileage. Out of state clients will be billed for travel expenses, hotel accommodations and a three horse minimum.

The Fischer Equine Lameness Foundation clinic offers a 6,000 square foot rubber floor; consisting of two different types of rubber surfaces.

We also offer private rubber floored rehabilitation areas if your horse needs to be separated from the others.

Horses that suffer from coffin bone rotation/penetration are put onto a, private turnout, specialized rubber surface that is necessary for healing these types of hoof ailments.

We also offer a heated indoor arena that is available to the horses for their daily exercise that promotes healing.

The Fischer Equine Lameness Foundation clinic's capacity is full at this time.  Please contact us if you would like your horse to be placed on a waiting list.





Navicular Syndrome
Navicular Syndrome
Navicular Syndrome
Navicular Syndrome
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