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Western Division

The western division of the Fischer Equine Lameness Foundation, which is managed by Perri Allemand, is located in Central Wyoming on a working cattle ranch. It consists of approximately 35,000 acres of land varying from very rough, mountainous terrain to gentle, rolling hills. The horses that roam these hills are following their ancestor’s trails, as wild horses used to run in this very area. The ranch truly offers horses a chance to run free in the wide open spaces, meandering throughout the hills, grazing at will or resting on a hot summer day… just like the wild horses do.

At the western division, all of the horses run barefoot, including the working cow horses. With an ample amount of room to move, along with perfect terrain for horses, the correct amount of concussion, the horses hooves develop a very hard, durable hoof wall not requiring shoes at anytime. The horses become accustomed to the very hard, rocky terrain and are able to maneuver through any type of landscape.

For our horses needing extra attention while their hooves are rehabilitating, we offer a rubber floored clinic, containing fresh automatic waterers, self feeders and plenty of shelter. We also have a 6 stall horse exerciser, with a rubber floor, to make sure the horses get plenty of exercise and bring proper blood flow into the hoof; healing the hoof even faster.

Once the horses have been rehabilitated, either out west or in Minnesota, the horses are then turned out in a large pasture, minimum of 640 acres, where they’ll enjoy the herd life, be able to eat natural grasses, get plenty of movement, seek natural shelter and wear their hooves….naturally. The horses, once sound, are then returned to the show ring, used on the ranch as work horses or sold to individuals willing to keep the horse in a natural setting. All this is what we strive for here at Fischer Equine Lameness Foundation, to provide the horse with the most natural surroundings as possible for quicker rehabilitation and overall a happier horse.

About the ranch owner:

Perri Allemand, of Edgerton, Wyoming, grew up on a cattle and sheep operation some 56 miles from the nearest town of Glenrock, Wyoming. She has been around animals all of her life helping on the ranch, through 4-H projects and later participating in high school rodeos. After graduating from Mesa Community College with an Agricultural Business degree, Perri and her husband now run a cattle operation, and have expanded the ranch to include a branch of The Fischer Equine Lameness Foundation.

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